Current CO2 concentration in the atmosphere

The Price of Carbon


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  • Sasparilla

    Lou, that is a fantastic video, absolutely fantastic. Give us a meaningful carbon tax (would prefer a 100% refunded one, but whatever).

    As an aside, there was a great article a couple of weeks ago (might have been in Bloomberg) about how many of the tar oil firms up in Canada (one of which is owned by Exxon Mobile) want a carbon tax, basically because they’re sure that their control of the legislative process will prevent legislation that would hurt extraction up there (they’re afraid of something worse, like people just saying don’t use the tar sands at all, and they know something is coming eventually).

    That said we need to move forward – the Europeans experience with their cap and trade fiasco probably shows those approaches hold more options for industry gaming than a pure tax does – carbon tax looks like the best thing we could do at this point (other than pure decrees etc.).