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This is how ugly denialism gets

As Lily Tomlin once said, “I grow more cynical every day, but it’s still hard to keep up.” That quote leapt to mind just a few minutes ago when I read that four Colorado Republicans who unanimously opposed Sandy relief funding are all now asking for (you guessed it) relief funding to help people caught in the devastating Colorado floods.

The mind truly reels.

The short article in question, Colorado House Republicans Unanimously Support Flood Relief, Unanimously Opposed Sandy Aid, hardly needs reading, but I recommend it anyway.

Oh, and for the record, the four individuals in question are: Mike Coffman, Cory Gardner, Doug Lamborn, and Scott Tipton.

I hope that none of them have to endure the pain and horrors known to victims of Sandy or the current Colorado flooding or to anyone else who’s been through a “natural disaster”.[1] But more to the point, I hope the people of Colorado and everyone else in the US finally come to their senses and vote out such miserable excuses for elected representatives.

[1] My experience with such events, as I’ve mentioned in the past, was to survive the 1972 Agnes Flood in Wilkes-Barre, PA. In that event, the Susquehanna rose to a very high level very quickly thanks to a tropical storm that was locked in place by an unusual weather pattern. When the dikes blew out on the east and west side of the river, it unleashed hell. On the east side, where I lived, the wall of water literally carried numerous houses off their foundations. On the west side, where my wife (who I hadn’t met yet) lived, the wave not only did the awful damage seen in all floods, but it also gutted a cemetery, strewing caskets and dead bodies throughout the area. There were instances of people who had evacuated before the flood finally being allowed back into the area days later, after the water receded, only to find a corpse or casket that had been washed into their home through a broken picture window.

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