Current CO2 concentration in the atmosphere

Natural gas, the media’s failures, and you

Dr. Donald A. Brown, Scholar In Residence, Sustainability Ethics and Law at Widener University School of Law, has posted a piece on this blog, US Media Fails to Educate The Public About Links Between Greater Natural Gas Use and Climate Change, that is a must read. With his permission, I am reposting it in . . . → Read More: Natural gas, the media’s failures, and you

IEA and natural gas projections

From a press release issued by the IEA (emphasis added):

Contact: IEA Press Office,

IEA sees growth of natural gas in power generation slowing over next 5 years
But ‘Golden Age’ still in full swing as gas emerges as a significant transportation fuel, new report says

SAINT PETERSBURG, 20 June – Natural gas will continue to increase its share . . . → Read More: IEA and natural gas projections

It’s STILL Rule 0, people

In my presentations, I’ve started boiling down our climate mess into a handful of rules, with Rule 0 being: It’s the greenhouse gases, stupid!

Given all the news I see about what various countries, corporations, etc. are doing, it seems that not nearly enough people get the basic message. Hence this post, and my latest windmill-tilting . . . → Read More: It’s STILL Rule 0, people

Killer Coal is still king

Coal: India’s plans for coal-fired power plants soar — study[emphasis added]:

India is poised to contend with China as the globe’s top consumer of coal, with 455 power plants preparing to come online, a prominent environmental research group has concluded.

The coal plants in India’s pipeline — almost 100 more than China is preparing to build — would . . . → Read More: Killer Coal is still king

Number fiddling on the road to hell and high water

It’s almost hard to know where to begin with the new on the IEA (International Energy Agency) site, Global carbon-dioxide emissions increase by 1.0 Gt in 2011 to record high. It’s one of the biggest mashups of right and wrong points I’ve seen in a small space in a very long time (emphasis added):

Global carbon-dioxide . . . → Read More: Number fiddling on the road to hell and high water

The Chinese Coal Monster

Euan Mearns has an excellent post up at The Oil Drum: Europe, The Chinese Coal Monster, which I highly recommend. The piece is, as you can guess from the title, a look at the statistics of China’s coal production and consumption, with what seems to be a good explanation for the rise of China’s coal . . . → Read More: The Chinese Coal Monster