Current CO2 concentration in the atmosphere

2C in our rear-view mirror, geoengineering dead ahead

Brad Plumer, a writer I sincerely hope you follow on Twitter, has a new piece up about the infamous 2C “safe” limit of global warming. This is an absolute must read piece, and I hope everyone reading this site who hasn’t read it already does so.

Brad’s article is: Two degrees: How the world failed on climate change. While I . . . → Read More: 2C in our rear-view mirror, geoengineering dead ahead

The inevitability of geoengineering

I don’t know which I find more remarkable, the speed and determination with which we tear fossil fuels from the ground and burn them, adding to our already too high level of atmospheric CO2, or how incredibly long it takes us at times to connect dots.

In the first category we have, of course, the rampant spread . . . → Read More: The inevitability of geoengineering

LBJ knew

LBJ being, of course, US President Lyndon Baines Johnson. And what he knew was that even in 1965 it was clear that we were on a path headed toward some serious climate change troubles. In November of that year he received a report form the Environmental Pollution Panel, President’s Science Advisory Committee, entitled “Restoring . . . → Read More: LBJ knew


For about two weeks I’ve been pondering what to say about David Hilfiker’s blog post, Hope in an Environmental Wasteland.

Thanks to some personal matters that needed my attention, plus the amount of work needed to do a response justice, I had nearly thrown in the virtual towel. But then a conversation cropped up in the . . . → Read More: Assumptions