Current CO2 concentration in the atmosphere

Inviting the climate concerned to become activists

Environmentalists demand new climate analysis for Keystone XL:

Just a day before President Obama announced he would only approve the Keystone XL pipeline if it “does not significantly exacerbate the climate problem,” six environmental groups quietly lodged a protest with the State Department charging it would do exactly that.

The groups also call on State Department officials to . . . → Read More: Inviting the climate concerned to become activists

Natural gas vehicles, yet again

The “natural gas vehicles are a huge environmental win” meme simply won’t die, thanks to media outlets like The Wall Street Journal doing things like this (emphasis added):

The recent deluge of low-cost shale gas is already changing the way the country runs. Electric utilities are turning to gas to power their turbines, and chemical companies that . . . → Read More: Natural gas vehicles, yet again

A missive from Eaarth

Bill McKibben’s latest book, Eaarth: Making a Life on a Tough New Planet, has been on a lot of radar screens (including mine) for a while. At this point in time, a book with that title and written by someone of McKibben’s stature in the field pegs the needle on the “must read” gauge, as . . . → Read More: A missive from Eaarth