Current CO2 concentration in the atmosphere

A video postcard from Eaarth

Pete Sinclair, he of the must-see Climate Denial Crock of the Week site, has perfectly summarized the brutal weather the US48 has endured in recent weeks and what it might mean for food production. If you haven’t seen it already, please spend a few minutes to do so now:

Humanity long ago squandered our chance of . . . → Read More: A video postcard from Eaarth

Nothing else matters

On this Father’s Day, here in the US, I think it’s particularly appropriate to think of the proper role of parenting in dealing with the climate change mess and, more generally, sustainability mess we’ve created. As I’ve said countless times online, you can slice and dice this interlocked complex of issues until your eyes bleed, . . . → Read More: Nothing else matters

Energy, environment, enlightenment

There’s an essay by David Schlosberg, Professor of Government and International Relations, University of Sydney, making the rounds that I highly recommend. The latest place I stumbled across it is Michael Tobis’ Planet 3.0 site, where it appears as The End of the Enlightenment. Just a taste, to get you to click through and . . . → Read More: Energy, environment, enlightenment