Current CO2 concentration in the atmosphere

A year with a Leaf

At breakfast this morning, my wife reminded me that we picked up our Nissan Leaf exactly one year ago. Since I was looking for time to write a summary of our first year in EV-land, this looks like as good an excuse as any.

The ultra-short answer: We love the car and we’re very happy with . . . → Read More: A year with a Leaf

From the archives: GM bets big on hydrogen cars

Lou’s file archives, a.k.a. The Cyber Gift That Keeps On Giving, coughed up this gem this morning, from MSNBC on Sept. 15, 2006:

GM: Hydrogen cars will re-establish company
‘Going to make General Motors what it was in the ’50s and ’60s,’ exec says

CAMP PENDLETON, Calif. — Hydrogen fuel cell-powered vehicles could hit showrooms as early as 2011 . . . → Read More: From the archives: GM bets big on hydrogen cars

Pondering transportation fuels

Thanks to the snow we got last night, this morning found me walking past my Leaf in the garage to the snow blower, which I had to refill with gasoline before clearing out my driveway.

While I was pouring about a quart of poisonous, smelly, highly processed, ancient algae into the snow blower’s tank, I wondered: Would . . . → Read More: Pondering transportation fuels

Hydrogen vaporware vs. the Big Battery Breakthrough

To no one’s surprise, there’s been some news lately about both a (potential) BBB (Big Battery Breakthrough) as well as RCH (Really Cheap Hydrogen).

Starting with the BBB, we have Japan’s Sekisui Chemical develop Silicon based 600 km range battery:

Sekisui Chemical has developed a material that can triple the capacity of lithium ion batteries, allowing electric . . . → Read More: Hydrogen vaporware vs. the Big Battery Breakthrough

Can we have some EV sanity?

Finally, at long last, there’s word that Nissan might give Leaf buyers an option about battery size.

Long-time readers of this site know that I’ve been pushing for this for quite some time. Instead of trying to guess which one battery size will make your EV product offering the most profitable, why not give the customer . . . → Read More: Can we have some EV sanity?

Driving on LEDs

I think it’s absolutely crucial as we deal with energy and environmental issues that we recognize the interactions between pieces of systems, and between subsystems within our entire biosphere. Climate change, energy consumption, politics, economics, psychology, non-greenhouse gas pollution — it’s quite a big ball of stuff we’re trying to get our arms around and . . . → Read More: Driving on LEDs

IEA and natural gas projections

From a press release issued by the IEA (emphasis added):

Contact: IEA Press Office,

IEA sees growth of natural gas in power generation slowing over next 5 years
But ‘Golden Age’ still in full swing as gas emerges as a significant transportation fuel, new report says

SAINT PETERSBURG, 20 June – Natural gas will continue to increase its share . . . → Read More: IEA and natural gas projections

EVs and cleaning up the power supply

From the University of Michigan comes the utterly unsurprising result that EVs aren’t clean enough unless and until we clean up electricity generation, with a decidedly weird public policy spin added.

U of M researcher says plug-ins, hydrogen cars are ‘no carbon cure-all’ (quoting from the university’s press release at the bottom of the linked article):

Making cars . . . → Read More: EVs and cleaning up the power supply

Some EV thoughts

I had an experience recently that was equal parts amusing and enlightening. I had to run an errand to a local equipment rental franchise, and I parked my Leaf in front of the building, near floor-to-ceiling windows. While I was talking with one of the employees, another one looked at my car and asked . . . → Read More: Some EV thoughts

Two policy head-shakers

Green Car Congress: US DOE to award up to $20M for research on methane hydrates [emphasis added]:

The US Department of Energy (DOE) National Energy Technology Laboratory has issued a solicitation (DE-FOA-0000891) for up to $20 million in funding for projects that focus on the following three technical topic areas: (1) characterization of methane hydrate deposits; . . . → Read More: Two policy head-shakers