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World population growth (people) 00 00
World coal consumption (short tons) 00 00
World oil consumption (barrels) 00 00
World natural gas consumption (cubic meters) 00 00
World CO2 emissions (metric tons) 00 00
Greenland ice loss (metric tons) 00 00
Arctic ice loss (metric tons) 00 00
CO2 absorbed by the oceans (metric tons) 00 00
Oxygen captured in CO2 emissions (metric tons) 00 00
US electricity generation (kWh) 00 00
US vehicle miles traveled 00 00
US CO2 avoided (tons; wind, hydro, solar) 00 00
US airline passenger miles traveled 00 00
US liquid fuel for lawn equipment (gallons) 00 00
US CO2 from transportation (metric tons) 00 00
US CO2 emissions from elect. (metric tons) 00 00
US CH4 from enteric fermentation (metric tons) 00 00


Welcome to the first installment in my planned series of energy and environmental clocks.

You can find a description of this project as well as the development history of this particular clock on the EE Clocks home page.

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I would appreciate hearing of any significant modifications you make to this page, as I always find it interesting how people use and change software. Plus, it could give me some ideas for future projects.

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