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Welcome to the "mothership page" of the energy and environmental clocks project. You can use this page (including the links in the yellow header) as a guide to find out which clocks are available, what I'm working on, which bugs have been fixed, and more!

Longtime readers of The Cost of Energy probably remember a couple of programs I wrote and released. One was a clock that counted various energy and environmental values in real time, the other was a clock showing the oil consumption of various countries.

In June 2009 I decided to write some web-based versions of energy and environmental programs, using only basic HTML and JavaScript, to make them as widely available as possible. After pondering this a bit, I realized that my original energy clock program was a great fit. It's a very simple program, and it also provides a good test vehicle for a multiple precision math library, which I'll need for one of the non-clock programs I'm planning to write.

Two rules I set for myself in writing these programs are (1) use only reliable data sources, and (2) cite the sources and (where applicable) explain the derivation of the data.

As you read this page and play with the clocks, please remember that I'm open to suggestions for new programs or changes to existing ones (including bugs you've found, of course). You can e-mail me at the address at the bottom of the About page on The Cost of Energy.

Some technical details:

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Clocks available

Clocks in development or planned

Once you start down this road, you quickly come up with more ideas than you need...

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This section will contain the development history of the various released clocks. The individual clocks, which will likely be used much more often than this page, will all link to this section, but won't have to include their own copy of this material.

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Copyright and Usage

This page and the clock programs are Copyright © 2009 Lou Grinzo, but you may freely use, download, copy, modify, and redistribute the original or modified versions as long as you leave my original copyright statement in both the source code and visible at the bottom of this page, plus the link to The Cost of Energy, intact.

Please note that I make no guarantee about the accuracy of the information presented by these progams. Errors could happen for a variety of causes, including mistakes in the reference documents or my interpretation of them, programming errors, or typos, just to name the most obvious possibilities. You assume all responsibility for any use you make of this program. Above all: Verify my work!

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